PrestoCon Day Showcases Momentum of Presto Community, Features Industry Leaders Sharing Use Cases and Best Practices

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Popular session topics include the Presto and Apache Iceberg Connector by Twitter and the Presto, Today & Beyond panel with Ahana, Uber and Facebook

San Mateo, Calif. – March 17, 2021 Ahana, the self-service analytics company for Presto, announced today their participation in PrestoCon Day, a day dedicated to all things PrestoDB taking place on Wednesday, March 24th. 

Following last year’s massively successful PrestoCon that had hundreds of global attendees and over 20 sessions, PrestoCon Day is a day-long event for the PrestoDB community by the PrestoDB community. In addition to being a premier sponsor of the event, Ahana will be participating in four sessions; two Ahana customers, Carbon and Cartona, will also be presenting their Presto use cases.

“PrestoCon Day will feature a lot of the work that core Presto engineers have been building over the past six months, and we’re looking forward to sharing that with the community,” said Dipti Borkar, Cofounder and Chief Product Officer, Ahana, Program Chair of PrestoCon and Chair of the Presto Foundation Outreach Committee. “In addition to the biggest internet companies like Facebook, Uber and Twitter speaking, we’ll also have modern day SaaS companies presenting how they’re leveraging the power of Presto on AWS with Ahana. We’re thrilled to host an event for the Presto community that helps members, new and seasoned, connect with one another.”

“Presto Foundation was created to accelerate and foster the adoption of Presto, and PrestoCon Day is an important event for the community to showcase its project momentum, usage and advancements,” said Chris Aniszczyk, Vice President, Developer Relations, The Linux Foundation. “We look forward to the conference and bringing the Presto community together for a day of collaboration and community-building.”

Ahana customers speaking at PrestoCon

  • How Carbon uses PrestoDB in the Cloud with Ahana to Power its Real-time Customer Dashboards by Jordan Hoggart, Data Engineer at Carbon
  • Presto on AWS using Ahana Cloud at Cartona by Omar Latif, Data Engineer at Cartona

Ahana sessions at PrestoCon

  • Simplifying Preston on AWS with Ahana Cloud Managed Service by Dipti Borkar, Cofounder & Chief Product Officer at Ahana
  • Using Presto’s BigQuery Connector for Better Performance and Ad-hoc Query in the Cloud by George Wang, Principal Software Engineer at Ahana and Roderick Yao, Product Manager at Google

Panels at PrestoCon 

  • The Presto Ecosystem with speakers from Preset, Apache Hudi, and Apache Pinot, moderated by Dipti Borkar, Cofounder & Chief Product Officer at Ahana
  • Presto, Today & Beyond featuring David Simmen, Cofounder and CTO at Ahana along with speakers from Uber and Facebook, moderated by Dipti Borkar, Cofounder & Chief Product Officer at Ahana

Additionally, industry leaders Facebook, Uber, Twitter and Alibaba will be sharing the latest innovation in the Presto project, including the Prism Presto Gateway Service (Uber), Petabyte Scale Log Analysis (Alibaba), Presto and Apache Iceberg (Twitter), and a Presto State of the Union (Facebook). 

View all the sessions in the full program schedule

PrestoCon Day is a free virtual event and registration is open. Additionally, Ahana is hosting a hands-on virtual lab the day prior to PrestoCon to help Presto users get up and running on AWS. 

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About Ahana

Ahana, the self-service analytics company for Presto, is the only company with a cloud-native managed service for Presto for Amazon Web Services that simplifies the deployment, management and integration of Presto and enables cloud and data platform teams to provide self-service, SQL analytics for their organization’s analysts and scientists. As the Presto market continues to grow exponentially, Ahana’s mission is to simplify interactive analytics as well as foster growth and evangelize the PrestoDB community. Ahana is a premier member of Linux Foundation’s Presto Foundation and actively contributes to the open source PrestoDB project. Founded in 2020, Ahana is headquartered in San Mateo, CA and operates as an all-remote company. Investors include GV, Lux Capital, and Leslie Ventures. Follow Ahana on LinkedIn, Twitter and PrestoDB Slack.

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