Presto Query Analyzer by Ahana

Get instant insights into your Presto clusters with the free Presto Query Analyzer by Ahana. Monitor the health of your clusters including query performance, bandwidth bottlenecks, and more to ensure you’re getting the best performance.

Free Presto Query Analyzer

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Get in-depth insights into your Presto cluster

If you’re running Presto today, you may be missing out on key details of your cluster to help you identify bottlenecks, high bandwidth issues, and poor performance. This free tool makes it simple to surface those insights so you get the most out of Presto.

Understand query workloads

Break down queries by operators, CPU time, memory consumption, and bandwidth. Easily cross reference your queries for deep drill down.

Identify popular data

See which catalog, schema, tables, and columns are most and least frequently used and by who.

Monitor resource consumption

Track CPU and memory utilization across the users in your cluster.

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A full report for continuous query optimization

The Presto Query Analyzer by Ahana collects all of your Presto cluster’s workload metrics for analysis. Your personalized report will give you detailed analytics on your Presto workloads so you can optimize your queries for the best performance.

The query analyzer comes packaged in a Docker container. Once you load the image, you can point the query analyzer at your Presto cluster’s endpoint and start seeing results immediately!

Query Report Types

Top Query Operators

See the Presto operators used in your queries to give you insight into the types of queries you’re running.

Top CPU Queries

See which of your queries have consumed the most CPU resources on your Presto cluster.

User Query Resource Consumption

See the breakdown of query resource consumption for each of your users.

Most Frequently Queried Tables

See which tables are getting queried the most by time frame.

Ready to get started?

Here’s a step-by-step video to help you get up and running with the Presto Query Analyzer.