What is DB Presto Online?

If you are looking for online resources for Presto like the docs, then start here https://prestodb.io/ 

If you are looking for information on how to tell if your Presto cluster is online or offline then read on.

Presto Mac/Brew Install

If you installed Presto on your Mac using brew then the service is called presto-server and you manage it like this:

$ presto-server run

To tell if your presto server is online:

$ presto-server status
Not Running

Presto manual Install 

If you are running a regular deployment of open source Presto you start/stop/check status with:

$ bin/launcher stop
$ bin/launcher start
$ bin/launcher status
Running as 61824

To be sure your presto server is online point your browser at its host IP (e.g.  localhost:8080) and you should see the Presto Console’s “Cluster Overview” UI.