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Setting up your AWS S3 data lake and querying it with Presto

How to build an open data lake analytics platform in the cloud with the Upsolver + Ahana Cloud solution

Tuesday, March 23 | 9am – 12pm PT

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Note: We have a limited amount of seats for this hands-on virtual lab. Once you register, you’ll receive an official email from Ahana once your seat is confirmed.

Virtual Lab: Querying Data in AWS S3 with PrestoDB

Upsolver is the first no-code, high-speed compute layer for making cloud data analytics-ready and Ahana Cloud is a fully managed PrestoDB service for AWS. Together, Upsolver and Ahana Cloud give you a cloud-native solution for open data lake analytics.

In this 3 hour hands-on lab, you’ll learn how to create a streaming data source from S3 and ingest data into Upsolver. You’ll take this stream and create several transformations, outputting data to the AWS Glue catalog. Finally, you’ll use Ahana Cloud to query your data across data sources using PrestoDB, an open source SQL query engine.

Lab outline:

  • Register for Ahana Cloud & Upsolver
  • Set up Ahana Cloud & Upsolver 
    • Set up cross-account access in AWS
    • Ahana automates AWS environment where Presto clusters will be created
    • Upsolver automates AWS environment where you provide access to your Kinesis Streams, create a dedicated Upsolver S3 bucket, and a dedicated Upsolver user
  • Introduction to Upsolver + Ahana platform (slides) 
  • Transform and aggregate your data
    • Ingest data from streaming and batch sources using Upsolver
    • Transform data, including PII masking
    • Output data to Ahana
  • Query your data
    • Create a Presto cluster in Ahana
    • Add data sources to Presto for querying: AWS S3, MySQL, and AWS RedShift 
    • Query your data sources with your Presto and Hive metastore using Apache Superset


yoni upsolver

Yoni Eini
CTO & Cofounder, Upsolver


Asif Kazi
Principal Solutions Engineer, Ahana