Virtual Lab On-Demand:

Building an Open Data Lakehouse with Presto, Hudi, and AWS S3

Learn how to build an open data lakehouse stack using Presto, Apache Hudi, and AWS S3 in this on-demand virtual lab.

What you’ll learn:

  • A quick overview on the open data lakehouse stack, including what is Presto (query engine) and what is Apache Hudi (transaction layer)
  • How to get HUDI support on Presto
  • Querying HUDI data with Presto  
  • How to use Presto to query your AWS S3 Data Lake
  • Future – What additional HUDI support is coming to Presto

By the end of this lab, you’ll know how to run queries with Presto and Hudi to optimize your AWS S3 data lake.

Additional Resources

Blog: Building an Open Data Lakehouse with Presto, Hudi and AWS S3

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Software Engineer, Ahana

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