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0 to Presto in 30 minutes with AWS & Ahana Cloud

On-Demand Webinar

Data lakes are widely used and have become extremely affordable, especially with the advent of technologies like AWS S3. During this webinar, Gary Stafford, Solutions Architect at AWS, and Dipti Borkar, Cofounder & CPO at Ahana, will share how to build an open data lake stack with Presto and AWS S3.

Presto, the fast-growing open source SQL query engine, disaggregates storage and compute and leverages all data within an organization for data-driven decision making. It is driving the rise of Amazon S3-based data lakes and on-demand cloud computing. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn how:

  • What an Open Data Lake Analytics stack is
  • How you can use Presto to underpin that stack in AWS
  • A demo on how to get started building your Open Data Lake Analytics stack in AWS


Gary Stafford

Solutions Architect, AWS

Gary Stafford, AWS

Dipti Borkar

Cofounder & CPO, Ahana

Dipti Borkar, Ahana