Unlocking the Business Value of the Data Lake

How Open and Flexible Cloud Services Help Provide Value from Data Lakes

Free whitepaper for Unlocking the Business Value of the Data Lake. Learn how to take business insights from your data lake.

The Data Lake as an Integral Part of the Modern Data Architecture

Data lakes have enormous potential as a source of business intelligence when included as part of an advanced open data architecture. Organizations use data lakes to efficiently store and process a combination of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data at scale, powering multiple business intelligence and data science initiatives to support a variety of business units across an organization. They are fundamentally important to business transformation and modernization projects in the transition to being more data driven.

The data lake is a proven component of the data landscape for many organizations and is continuing to evolve to incorporate functionality that has proven successful in data warehousing. Download the whitepaper and learn why organizations need to consider the utility and adoption of the data lake in the context of the data platform.

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