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In this free whitepaper you'll learn why the modern data stack is an unsolved problem for most organizations, what the open data lakehouse is, and how it can overcome challenges of previous solutions and why open source Presto is the key to unlocking lakehouse analytics.
In this free whitepaper we'll show you why companies are moving to an open data lake architecture and how they are getting the most out of that data lake to drive their business initiatives.
In this free whitepaper, we’ll show you how to run a TPC-H benchmark on open source Presto using built-in tool benchto
Ahana partnered with Dzone to build this hands-on Refcard, which provides everything to get you up and running with PrestoDB.
Learn why Uber chose Presto and how they're using the open source SQL query engine to run mission-critical analytics to power many of their analytical use cases.
In this whitepaper we'll discuss the architecture and security approaches Ahana takes to provide a secure cloud managed service along with details on how our security model works with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Learn more about the open-source distributed SQL query engine Presto. You'll see how companies use Presto for federated queries and ad hoc analytics on S3-based data lakes and other data sources.