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Querying Data in AWS S3 with Presto

Learn how to query and analyze your AWS S3-based data lake using Presto in this 90 minute free hands-on lab.

Tuesday, Dec 7th | 10am PT

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Virtual Lab: Querying Data in AWS S3 with Presto

In this 90 minute hands-on virtual lab built for data platform engineers, you’ll learn how to query and analyze your S3-based data lake using PrestoDB, an open source SQL query engine, with Ahana Cloud, SaaS for Presto.

Come prepared to have your video on while following along with the instructor – this is an interactive session and we encourage participation from everyone attending!

What you’ll learn

  • What is Presto and why you’d use it
  • How to write a Presto query
  • How to create and deploy a Presto cluster in AWS using Ahana Cloud
  • How to use Presto to query your AWS S3 data lake
  • How to use Presto to query across other data sources like MySQL, RedShift, and AWS Glue
  • How to create dashboards/visualizations of your data

Course outline:

  • Introduction to Presto
  • Writing your first Presto Query
  • Create and deploy your first Presto cluster in AWS using Ahana Cloud
  • Add data sources to Presto like MySQL, Amazon Glue and Amazon RedShift
  • Query AWS S3 with your Presto and Hive metastore cluster using Apache Superset
  • Build a dashboard to view your data

By the end of this lab, you’ll know how to run basic queries with Presto and how to query your AWS S3-based data lake.