Querying Data in S3 with PrestoDB

Learn how to query and analyze your S3-based data lake using PrestoDB in this 75 minute free hands-on lab.

Tuesday, Feb 23 | 9am PT

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Virtual Lab: Querying Data in AWS S3 with PrestoDB

In this 75 minute hands-on virtual lab, you’ll learn how to query and analyze your S3-based data lake using PrestoDB, an open source SQL query engine, with Ahana Cloud, a managed Presto service.

Lab outline:

  • Register for Ahana Cloud (<1 min)
  • Set up cross-account access in AWS (2 min)
  • Ahana automates AWS environment where Presto clusters will be created (20-30 min)
  • While environment is deployed, introduction to Presto (20 min)
  • Create a Presto cluster (3 min)
  • Add data sources to Presto like MySQL, Elasticsearch, Amazon Glue or Redshift (5-10 min)
  • Query S3 with your Presto and Hive metastore cluster using Apache Superset (5 min)

By the end of this lab, you’ll be able to query your AWS S3-based data lake using PrestoDB and Ahana Cloud.


In addition to an AWS account, here are the prerequisites needed for this lab.